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As ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./ PRAXITY, we provide tax services with the help of our expert audit staff who are specialized in both domestic and foreign applications. It’s our priority to provide our customers with the most appropriate services of the best quality.


As a result of the developed commercial activities in the world, a complex legislation structure emerged. It is an important gaining for the companies to access efficient, current and accurate information regarding different applications in different sectors in this complex legislation structure. At this point, ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd PRAXITY provides tax consultancy services with the help of its experienced and specialized staff. Our tax consultancy services are as the following:

Constant Tax Consultancy
Procurement and following of all the documents and permissions which are required for the foreign investors in Turkey for tax transactions.
Consultancy service for transfer pricing
Services for international tax planning


Full Certification Service for Corporate Tax is a audit service which confirms that financials and declarations of real or legal entities or their enterprises are examined in accordance with the accounting principles and standards as well as audit standards. General objection of the service is to fulfill the principle of public welfare by determining the audit of Corporate Tax to be paid. ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./ PRAXITY pre-determines taxation risks of the companies through audits which are carried out by their expert staff and it aims at minimizing taxation risk elements.

We provide the following validation services;

Validation of Annual Corporate and Income Tax Statement and their annexes (Full Validation),
Validation Value Added Tax Return,
Other validation services
Determination of Investment Allowance Amount,
Assessment Report for Research and Development Expenses of Certified Public Accountants of TÜBİTAK
Validation of Capital Increase Activities of Corporations
Determination of Payment of Capital
Investigation and Validation of Contribution of Internal Sources to the Capital
Validation of Withholding Return
Validation of Exemption Income
Validation of the Availability of Conditions Required for Tax Exemption in Foundations and Preservation of These Conditions
Special Consumption Tax Return and Deduction
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