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Today, it is necessary for the companies to access correct and accurate information within globalized commercial processes. Therefore, it is an international precondition to have transparent financial statements. At this point, ERTA/PRAXITY provides audit services to all its customers in a global communication and working environment and fulfills the needs of companies. ERTA/PRAXITY provides the best and multi- dimensional solutions for the needs of the companies and recruits expert staff specialized in technical, accounting and audit issues. As ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./ PRAXITY, we provide the following audit services with the help of our Professional experts.


Independent audit means auditing and reporting the annual financial statements of the companies through books, records and documents by applying all the necessary independent audit techniques which are generally approved in order to obtain adequate and appropriate independent audit evidences in accordance with the criteria which are designated for these statements and information (for example IFRS, US GAAP…etc.).

Within this framework, ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./ PRAXITY provides independent audit services for both domestic financing companies and also the investors with the help of its specialized staff.

International Financial Reporting Standards (UFRS)
US Accounting Standards (US GAAP)
UK Accounting Standards (UK GAAP)


Internal audit is an independent and objective activity of security and consultancy which is designed to develop the operations of an institution and add value to them. It both provides a disciplined and systematic approach in terms of evaluating the efficiency of risk management, control and governance processes and also it helps the relevant institution achieve its targets and goals.

At this point, ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd / PRAXITY provides service with its expert staff to the companies in order to help them establish a more efficient control mechanism. It provides service both with foreign consultants having international experience and professionals who carry out many important internal audit project within the country.


It includes a systematic information flow with the tenants in shopping malls. So, this audit is a kind of a accuracy and compliance audit which is called as “endorsement audit”. It is a service of accuracy audit regarding whether the rental amounts, which are determined by a endorsement-based rental agreement signed with your shopping mall and your tenant shops inside the mall, are stated accurately or not. So that inaccurate and missing notifications are prevented, it is controlled whether the tenants fulfill the requirements within the scope of rental agreement or not, and a systematic, real and transparent system is established between all the tenants and the landlord institution during rental period.

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