Management Consultancy

Current working environment has become very competitive in our world which has gradually been much more integrated and complicated. It’s inevitable for the companies to define correct strategies, to create different business manners and to apply solutions which will adapt these strategies to the operations in order to get an advantage of competition In such a dynamic and complicated environment. ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd. /PRAXITY enables you to look at a much more promiser future.


Helping the organizations carry out their business better and focus on their own energy, enabling the employees to work for the same objective and shaping the operation field in accordance with the changes around. In short, strategic planning is a systematic effort which defines what an organization is and what kind of business it makes by acting like its guide as well as producing basic decisions and actions based on the future.


Competition, motion and change are the basic concepts of our age and economic crisis and constant need of the companies for reconstruction have always been an important element for the companies which will also be available throughout the coming years. It’s very common even for the most Professional management teams to need reconstruction during crisis and to be paralyzed in case of liquidite problems and other financial challenges or to be in hesitation in decision making process or their own management capabilities. In such periods, companies need much more different management skills which have never been needed before and it is necessary to revise and renew such functions as finance, law, accounting, sales, marketing and production in this regard. ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./ PRAXITY provides reconstruction services to the companies with its specialized staff and enables them to reconstruct their companies through strategic decisions.


Planning is one of the basic functions of management. Organizations without a good planning system cannot see the future and they cannot compare the real data and planned data because they don’t have planned data in their hands for comparison. Comparison of planned and realized creates “control” which is another function of management. Therefore, an organization which ignores the function of planning also ignores the function of control at the same time. ERTA Independent Audit and CPA Co. Ltd./PRAXITY provides efficient service in the field of planning data of the companies and designs control process of the companies in the most practical and efficient manner.