Erdogdu Oz

Erdoğdu Öz was born in 1949 in Trabzon. He graduated from Academy of İstanbul Economic and Administrative Sciences Public Finances department in 1971.

During the 18 years of 25 years employment in Tax Administration he worked as Tax Administration Manager and Revenue Manager in İzmit, Balıkesir and İstanbul and retired in 1997.

During his employment period he had his graduate degree in Marmara University Financial Law and completed his postgraduate courses at the same university.

He has worked as sworn-in certified public accountant in İstanbul since 1999.

He also gave a course of lectures at university for a period. He also has two books published about Corporation Tax and Law Commentary About Collection Methods of Public Receivables and articles about professional subjects published in several journals. He has taken part as speaker in many courses and seminars. He has also qualified as a university lecturer.

He is married and has two children.